Vancouver, WA is a Green City

There are several Parks and Open Spaces to Enjoy in Vancouver, WA

Being one with nature is important. In Vancouver, WA, those who love being one with nature are bound to have a good time. The city is filled with parks and open spaces that people can enjoy and spend their free time in. These parks and spaces are well spread out around the town and are all easily accessible. They open up chances for a lot of activities and give people the chance to have a fun-filled time with members of their families. See further information here.

Village Woods Open Space

Village Woods Open Space is a nice compact park in Vancouver, WA. The park is located in a nice neighborhood and is a fantastic place to go and have a calm time. The park is usually most busy in the afternoon but offers a lot of private space for each person. This is a place that one can go to have a nice read or even a nap. Learn more about Vancouver, WA is a City That Encourages Outdoor Activities.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a fantastic park that offers a lot of enjoyable ground for people, both old and young. There is a playground where children can play and several benches where people can have a relaxing afternoon.