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Leafshield Gutter Guards is a locally owned small business specializing in Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Replacement, Gutter Repair, Leafshield Gutter Guards, and New Roof Replacement.


Gutters are an essential part of your home that helps to protect it from water damage. When they’re dirty or damaged, the results can be devastating! Cleaning out gutters is often time-consuming so many people put off doing this chore until its too late because they simply don’t have enough energy left in their day for everything else going on around here – but what if there was a way you could spend less manpower while getting all needed motivation?

Leafshield Gutter Guards
Gutter Replacement Service


If you are a homeowner in Vancouver, Washington, or Portland, Oregon, Leafshield Gutter Guards can quickly and affordably replace your gutter system. We specialize in gutter replacements, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you notice that your gutters are needing replaced.


When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? It’s laborious work that requires endlessly climbing up and down a ladder, which means it can be dangerous too. And even though we only do this task twice per year, it seems like an endless menial job always needing attention to not have any negative consequences.

Gutter Cleaning Service
New Roof | Roof Repair Service


While there are many ways to take care of your home, repairing or replacing the roof is often one of those most overlooked yet essential tasks. Correcting any issues with this part will help you avoid future expenses and have a safe living environment for yourself as well.

Randi Disciascio Review

“Fair Pricing”

5 / 5

Our gutter and downspouts are now clean and protected with the new gutter shields!

Randi Disciascio

Sindy E. Review

“Very Professional”

5 / 5

Demetri is very professional. He provided a quote on the same day. He then answered all follow-up questions promptly and professionally. When it came time to do the scheduled work, his team showed up on time and worked professionally while at my home. Gutters are of good quality, I highly recommended this company.

Sindy Eustaquio

Jonathan Rudolf Review

“Roof Replacement”

5 / 5

It was great working with these guys when I got my roof replaced and wanted to prevent clogged gutters again. Would highly recommend them.

Jonathan Rudolf