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Do you need new gutters? Are you looking for a change to the look of your house? Have our Orting gutter installation service team come to you and give a free estimate for new gutters. It doesn’t matter if you choose to go with the Leafshield Gutter Guard solution or not – we can provide your home or business with new gutters that will look great on your house. Looking for aluminum or stainless steel in a variety of colors, or even copper? We’ve got you covered.

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A gutter installation service at work

Motivations for Orting New Gutter Installation

Poorly-functioning gutters may result in damage to your home such as water damage around the foundation, damage to roofing materials, mold, mildew, and rot. It is important to catch these problems as early as possible. The following are signs that your gutters will need replacement:

  • Holes or rust spots
  • Water leaking behind gutters
  • Sagging or consistently overflowing gutters
  • Roof sheathing that is beginning to rot
  • Mold or discoloration affecting lower row of shingles
  • Gaps between roof and gutters

If you are dealing with these or other problems with your gutters, give your local Orting gutter installation service (that’s us) a call today.

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Gutter Options

With Leafshield Gutter Guard as your Orting, Washington gutter installation service, you aren’t limited to the basics when it comes to your new gutters.

several styles of gutter


K Style Gutter Installation

The K style of gutter is common in residential and commercial applications where a bit more flair is desired. This type of gutter is also stronger than the fascia style.

Fascia Gutter Installation

The fascia style is the most straightforward style of gutter. It provides clean lines to compliment the modern look of a house, or at least to not distract from other architectural features.


All gutters made from aluminum or stainless steel are available in a variety of colors to match or complement your existing structure.

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Our gutters come in a variety of materials to match your preferences.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is used in the majority of our new gutter installations as it is a light metal that does not corrode, so it is not vulnerable to rust.

Stainless Steel Gutters

Stainless steel is also not vulnerable to rust like plain steel would be. It is a bit heavier as well as sturdier than aluminum, and does come with a somewhat higher price tag.

Copper Gutters

Copper is an elegant selection which looks even better as it gets older. To match this unique material, copper comes in unique shapes such as the traditional half-pipe.

Contact us to learn more about your options for new gutters in Orting.

A Local PNW Gutter Installation Service for Orting

Leafshield Gutter Guard is a local business serving Oregon and Washington, not a national company. Which means more of each dollar you spend stays in our local economy. It also means that you have someone local to take care of you before, during, and after the job.

We love being able to provide durable solutions to your gutter problems from gutter clean-out to full replacement and Leafshield Gutter Guard installation. Read below to learn what some of our customers have said about us.

What People Are Saying About Leafshield Gutter Guard as an Orting Gutter Installation Service

… very professional and responsive. Would recommend to anyone looking for new gutters. – Jolene

They were responsive and professional and took care to make sure that the job was done right. When a spot in the gutters revealed that it needed more of a seal they were quick to address the issue. We are excited for our new gutters and believe that they will add to the life of our home! – Jolene F

…recently installed new gutters on our home and help us fix our clogged gutter issues we’ve been having we absolutely love the gutter guards on our gutters it keeps everything maintenance free so I don’t have to climb the ladder or roof or worry about cleaning my gutters anymore. … very professional and gave me a wonderful offer I highly recommend leaf shield northwest gutters. – Brian

Our Orting Gutter Installation Services FAQ

Here are some of the more common questions we get about gutter installation in Orting.

What is the difference between 5k, 6k, and fascia style gutters?

While the fascia style of gutter has a fancier name, it is the simplest design of the three, having a nearly flat, angled front. The k style gutter has a curved front side, up to the top lip. The difference between 5k and 6k is the size – 6k being substantially larger and used more frequently in commercial applications.

How much does new gutter installation cost?

Prices depend on hours of labor and material/style desired for the replacement. Basic jobs will probably start around $1000, a value you will likely get from any gutter company. Contact out Orting gutter services team today to schedule a free estimate.

What materials are available for my new gutter installation?

Our gutter solutions come in aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

Do you fabricate the gutter material yourself or use prefabricated gutter sections?

For each job, we roll out blank material into custom sections for each job. This allows us to create lengths specifically for your home or office building with more variety in colors.

Are your gutters seamless?

Yes, the only joints that will be soldered up and sealed are at the corners. This is a major benefit over DIY gutter solutions from home improvement stores which come in sections and are vulnerable to leaking.

Will you replace my downspouts when you replace my gutters?

Although not strictly necessary, because your gutters are a long-term investment, we may recommend changing out your downspouts when you get new gutters.

Do you do gutter installation on new construction?

Yes, our Orting gutter services team is available for gutter installation on residential or commercial new construction jobs.

Can you make new gutters to match the color scheme of my home?

A perfect match is likely not possible, but since we roll out our gutters on-site, we can make them in a variety of colors to match as well as possible. Of course, you can always paint over top of your gutter’s factory paint job with standard latex house paint.

Do you install gutters for an entire house only?

We can install a completely new gutter system for your whole house, or replace a particular problem section (from one end to another).

Do you offer free estimates?

Absolutely. Just get in touch and our Orting gutter services team will schedule a time to get to you and provide a consultation on your new gutters.

Leafshield Gutter Guard Provides Gutter Installation Service for Orting, Washington