We Are A Mount Hood Parkdale Gutter Repair Company

Looking for a local Mount Hood Parkdale gutter repair company with experience and a commitment to customer care that you can rely on? You’ve found it in the Leafshield Gutter GuardMount Hood Parkdale gutter services team. Whether or not you have a gutter guard installed, you can count on us to provide you with long-lasting, effective, and attractive gutter repair options – without any pressure to buy something you’re not interested in.

Your gutter system is designed to get water away from places that might cause damage such as mold or rot. Don’t wait to have your gutters examined and cared for!

Residential and Commercial Mount Hood Parkdale Gutter Repair

If you live or work in a building with a conventional gutter system – k style or fascia – our team is equipped to help you with your gutter repair needs.

Contact us to make sure your exterior is protected from water damage!

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Common Signs of a Failing Gutter System

Poorly-functioning gutters may result in damage to your home such as

  • Water entering the foundation
  • Roofing damage
  • Mold
  • Rot

Catch gutter problems by looking for…

  • Holes – Older steel gutters develop holes, often in the bottom of the gutter, due to rust.
  • Rust spots – Catch a hole before it develops by looking for rust spots visible through the paint on your gutters.
  • Sagging – Sagging gutters are an indication of improper installation or rotting rafters, which are supposed to service as the anchor points for your gutter. A gutter system must support a good deal of weight, and sagging gutters leads to water pooling and putting even more weight on the system, which may collapse or bend beyond repair in the event of a good downpour.
Animation of the consequences of not being on top of your gutter repair
Gutter system needing repair
  • Water leaking behind gutters – Gutters need to be installed properly to a good roof in order to avoid water seeping behind the gutter and into the roof plywood. You should not see any water seeping or dripping behind your gutters.
  • Rotting roof boards/sheathing – This is a sign that your gutters have been leaking for quite some time. This problem will require more costly repairs from a roofing company, as well as adjustment or replacement of your current gutters.
  • Mold/mildew creeping up roof – If you see your lower levels of shingles lifting or visibly affected by mold or other discoloration, your gutters have not been draining water properly for some time, and need to be examined by a professional.
  • Overflowing gutters – Either there is a problem with water somehow going too fast and missing the gutter entirely, or you have a clog! The good news is, cleaning your gutters will usually alleviate this problem.
  • Overflow at bottom of downspout – You may have a clog in the drains for your gutters. We may be able to help with minor clogs in the pipes in the ground – contact us to find out more.
  • Gaps between roof and gutters – If you can see light between where your roof ends and your gutters begin, that is a likely water intrusion point. We may be able to adjust your gutters to close the gap and provide protection for your house.
  • Gutters angled wrong causing water to pool – Improperly angled gutters lead to water collecting in spots, putting extra weight on the system and causing debris to settle rather than drain away.
  • Nails/screws pulling out – This can be caused by rotting rafters or a problem with your gutters. Schedule a time to have our team come check out the problem.

If you are dealing with these or other problems with your gutters, give your local Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon gutter repair company (that’s us) a call today.

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Your Options for Repair

Make Adjustments

Some common gutter problems can be alleviated by making simple adjustments. For instance, it may be possible to fix a drainage problem by adjusting the pitch of your gutters slightly. If it’s possible, our team will take care of you quickly and professionally.


Sometimes getting your gutters to work correctly is just a matter of cleaning them out. To avoid clogged gutters in the future, consider our unique, custom-made Leafshield Gutter Guard solution to keep your gutters clear of debris and working perfectly for years to come. Learn more about our Mount Hood Parkdale gutter services and Leafshield Gutter Guards by clicking below.

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Unfortunately, many gutter problems will require replacement of the gutter material in part or whole. To learn more about our quality gutter installation service, explore by clicking below or call us today.

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Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

One of the things that sets us apart as a Mount Hood Parkdale gutter repair company is our dedication to making sure that our customers are taken care of. We love being able to provide durable solutions to your gutter problems from gutter clean-out to full replacement and Leafshield Gutter Guard installation. We want you to be happy with our work before, during, and well after we do the work. Read below to learn what some of our customers have said about our Mount Hood Parkdale gutter services.

What People Are Saying About Leafshield Gutter Guard’s Gutter Repair Service

They were responsive and professional and took care to make sure that the job was done right. When a spot in the gutters revealed that it needed more of a seal they were quick to address the issue. We are excited for our new gutters and believe that they will add to the life of our home! – Jolene

Professional team arrived on time each day and explained in detail how the installation project was to be completed. … The new gutters look great! I would highly recommend Leafshield Gutter Guards. Thank you for a job well done! – Gloria

After looking at several competitors products we decided Leafshield Gutter Guards was the best fit for us. We are pleased with our selection. The courteous and professional support from sales to installation is second to none.  Their follow up after installation has been great. We recommend them to everyone who asks about gutter guards. – Dan and Jo Ann

I have worked with Demetri for many years and he and his team are consummate professionals, they will provide you with extremely good value and quality. I would recommend anyone interested in gutter solutions for their home to use Leafshield NW Gutters. – Jason

Our Mount Hood Parkdale Gutter Repair Company FAQ

Here are some of the more common questions we get about gutter repair in Mount Hood Parkdale.

Do you offer free estimates?

Absolutely. Just get in touch and we’ll schedule a time to check out your project.

Do you work on any gutter system, or only those with Leafshield gutter guards installed?

We are happy to help any of our Mount Hood Parkdale neighbors with their gutter repair needs, whether they have a Leafshield Gutter Guard installed or not.

Can you repair my downspouts?

Downspouts are separate from the gutters themselves and can often be repaired separately if they become damaged or clogged. We are happy to repair (if possible) or replace downspouts as necessary. The only thing we don’t do is paint them – though we may be able to approximately match the gutter’s metal color to your current home color if desired.

How much does it cost to repair gutters?

We can give you a good idea for your unique situation when we come to give our free estimate. Simple repairs, if possible, may only entail a charge for us to come to your location. In situations where replacement of all or part of the gutter system is required, costs will be determined by material and labor – at minimum, you will be looking at a cost in the hundreds of dollars.

Can holes in gutters be patched?

Holes in gutters are often caused by older steel gutters rusting out over time. Caulking may hold back the degradation for a little bit, but the gutters will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Modern materials for professional gutter replacement include aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, which do not suffer from the same rusting problems as older-style gutter solutions.

Leafshield Gutter Guard is a Mount Hood Parkdale Gutter Repair Company