How to replace gutter brackets?

The gutter is one of the most overlooked parts of a home. It is often ignored because it seems like an insignificant detail that does not need to be maintained or replaced. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Gutters are essential for keeping your roof and foundation in good shape, which saves you money in repairs later on down the line.

The best time to replace gutters is when they are still new, before any damage has occurred so they can last as long as possible without needing replacements at all. That being said, there will come a time where you will have no choice but to replace your old gutters with new ones if they are damaged too badly or simply don’t work anymore.

How to replace gutter brackets
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How to replace gutter brackets

What is a gutter bracket?

A gutter bracket is a piece of steel that attaches the rain gutters to the fascia board located on the edge of a roof. Gutter brackets can be adjusted up and down, which allows you to level your gutters if they are not parallel with the ground.

Gutters running down a sloping section of your home can accumulate debris and cause water to overflow, which can eventually lead to leakage into your home.

Why should I replace my brackets?

Over time, the weight of the water and debris in your gutters will wear down the brackets, creating a loose fit. It is also possible for some parts to break off completely. If this happens, ice dams can form under shingles where the gutter connects with the fascia board.

If you suspect any damage or deterioration in your brackets, there is a simple way to check: have a friend hold the gutter up while you look through it from the ground. If you can see light at any point where it meets the fascia board, then your brackets need replacing.

How do I know how many brackets to order?

If you are replacing old brackets, it is important to measure the number of sections that run along the edge of your roof. Generally, a two-story home will have three brackets per section while one-story homes only require one bracket per section. Sometimes, the last section in line will not attach to the fascia board, in which case you will require a one-piece bracket to connect all the sections together.

Once you have this number, add an extra 4 brackets for every 5 feet of gutter. This will allow you to take out and replace any sections that are damaged without worrying about not having enough brackets.


    Prevent future damage by replacing your brackets today

    Replacing your gutters is going to cost money, but the long-term benefits are well worth it because they will protect your home from a ton of damage and save you time and energy in the future. By following these steps before you even begin installing new gutters, you can help make the process much more efficient and get your gutters attached correctly and properly without any issues.

    Once your new gutter system is in place, then all you will need to do each year is check that none of the brackets have come loose or broken off and clean out any excess debris before heavy rain season begins again. Your new gutters will be problem-free and you won’t have to worry about foundation damage or price increases from severe water damage again.

    Gutter replacement can solve a number of issues with your home’s exterior, which is why it’s important that you do not ignore any problems with them. Replacing brackets is one of many steps to take when working on your gutters, but it will help improve the way they look as well as how they function so there are fewer hassles to deal with in the future.

    Finally, replacing your gutters will make all of this work go much smoother if you have someone helping you who has experience working on rooftops or around your house. Take enough time planning and preparing so everything goes smoothly when you replace your gutter brackets and do not risk injury while doing it.

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