How to replace a section of the gutter?

There are occasions when the end of your gutter becomes damaged and needs replacing. Maybe you are getting a new roof or maybe it’s time to prepare for the winter, replacing damaged sections now will save you money in the long run.

Without this important piece of guttering, your home could suffer water damage and make-up costs of £1000s several years down the line. Start by removing any debris from around your gutters, this debris could fall into the gutter and end up in your waterfall tray and become a constant problem.

After clearing any debris, you should check for blockages. Dirt can also clog the gutters which will lead to water not running freely down them. To make sure your gutters are free from blockages, remove any trees and shrubs that are close to the gutter, this reduces the chance of additional blockages happening.

Before you begin to replace your gutters be sure to move any furniture and anything else that could obstruct your workspace. Be prepared for a mess when replacing your gutters, it is very easy for dirt and debris to fall into them due to their size.

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How to replace a section of gutter

Gather all the necessary materials

Now actually replace your gutters. Take off the old gutter from either side of your house. It is easiest to first take down one section at a time so you don’t have to worry about moving anything around the outside of your house whilst replacing them. Once they are removed wrap aluminum foil around the bottom of the guttering to avoid dirt falling in.

Once you have replaced your gutter, weatherproof it with silicone and then nail it back into place. Finish by adding a small amount of mortar to each end of the new gutter section that you have added. You’ll now need to re-assess how clean your gutters are to make sure they stay in good working order.

You should perform this task every year from now on, replacing the old gutter with a new one. This will save you money by not getting water damage and avoids having to replace your house’s guttering on an expensive fixed-price contract.

Also, check what type of materials your gutters are made of. There are many different types on the market, galvanised steel is very popular and will last a long time. This material is usually quite light in weight so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being too heavy to carry up the ladder.

To conclude, replacing your gutters every year could save you money in the long run, make sure you follow the above instructions and take your time when carrying out this important job.


    Hiring a professional may save you some time and money in

    They will be able to ensure that your new gutter system is working properly and they will also be there for repairs that need to be made as time goes on.

    When you have a professional install your rain gutters then they will ensure that everything lines up correctly so that water does not leak through where it should not. They will also make sure that the gutters are pitched properly so that the water drains out away from your home and not towards it.

    If you want to have a new gutter system then contact a professional for more information. They can come out and look at your home so that they can give you a quote on the installation. This is much better than guessing how much something will cost and it will also help them determine if this type of work is even possible with the way your house is currently set up.  

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