What is a micro-mesh gutter guard?

What micro-mesh gutter guard is and how it can be used to protect your gutters from clogging and overflow is an important question. There are several different designs of gutter guards out there, and the most common one is what we’ll refer to as a mesh gutter guard. Micro-mesh gutters are basically just very fine-mesh grates that sit in your existing gutters and prevent large debris from falling into your gutters. It’s kind of like a very fine net in your gutters, preventing larger objects from falling into them.

It is the ideal gutter guard if you have small children or pets that might be known to throw things out of their windows. It’s also ideal if you live in an area where rain and wind can cause very large fallen leaves to clog up your gutters and cause overflow.

While this gutter guard is ideal for children, pets, and preventing leaf buildup from causing overflow in your gutters, it should be noted that the benefits do not end there. This type of gutter guard also protects the interior of your home by reducing the amount of rusting that occurs on your gutters when they are exposed to moisture and the elements.

While this gutter guard is an effective way of reducing rusting on your gutters, it’s important to do regular maintenance on them in order to keep them smooth and free from debris buildup or corrosion, and rust. Also, keep in mind that a gutter guard of any kind will wear down over time. This is especially true of mesh gutter guards as they are more susceptible to physical damage than other types of gutter guards.

You can also use micro-mesh gutters in combination with another type of gutter guard, such as one that uses spikes or a rubber material instead of mesh. These spiked and rubber-type gutter guards are not as susceptible to the effects of weather and rust but can still be damaged by physical impacts.

The main issue with using spiked or rubber gutter guards is that they can damage your downspout system, which could then cause you to have even more rainwater back up near the top of your home rather than at the bottom where it belongs.

This is why a mesh gutter guard is used in combination with them. This allows you to cover the top of your home as well as the bottom while also preventing corrosion and rust from occurring on your gutters over time.

Leafshield Gutter Guards - How to install a micro-mesh gutter guard
Leafshield Gutter Guards - How to install a micro-mesh gutter guard

Importance of micro-mesh gutter guard

Installing a micro-mesh gutter guard is an important job to do in order to maintain the structural integrity of your house, and it shouldn’t be avoided. If you are having issues with overflowing gutters or areas that are prone to rainwater backing up near the top of your home rather than at the bottom where it belongs, a micro-mesh gutter guard should be installed.

While micro-mesh gutters are extremely effective at preventing clogging and overflow, they will wear out over time. This is why it’s important to install new micro-mesh gutter guards right after you have them installed. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.


How to install the micro-mesh gutter guard


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