Fall is the perfect time to clean your gutters. The leaves are falling, and you’re probably getting ready to put up Christmas decorations or drywall for winter. You might as well get a head start on cleaning out your gutter system now!

Gutters do more than just protect your home from water damage – they keep debris and other materials off of the ground, which can be an important consideration if you have children or pets that play in the yard. Guttering also helps reduce the air temperature in the summer by directing heat away from homes before it has any chance to build up.

Fall gutter cleaning tips

Be sure to clean your gutters at least twice a year

A good time to do so is in the spring and again in the fall. Make sure you have a sturdy ladder that can reach all areas of your home before you begin, and also be aware of any overhanging tree branches, which can cause damage if they are not properly guttered.

Use a wet/dry vacuum to clean out the gutters. If you have never used one before, it’s easy! Simply place the nozzle of your hose into the downspout and turn on your vacuum. Using low suction and a cool setting, start from the top of your roof all the way to the bottom. This should get out most of the small leaves and dirt that have been building up.

For larger debris, use a leaf blower to force them into your gutters. Be careful not to damage your gutter by using too much force. You may need to use a piece of wood or another tool to push the debris in while blowing at it from the top.

If using a leaf blower on your roof creates an unstable situation, you can also remove debris from the gutters by hand. This takes more time but is better for smaller areas that are hard to reach with other tools. A gutter cleaning rake is an excellent choice for this kind of work.

To finish up, use a hose with a high-pressure nozzle to spray down the gutters and rinse out any remaining dirt. Your gutters will be as good as new and ready for another season!


Use a ladder or roof access to reach the gutter

Once the gutter cleaning is complete, consider capping your downspouts with a splash guard. This will keep water from spilling all over the ground after it has been directed away from your home.

Applying an all-natural leaf and debris repellant to your gutters can also help prevent future build-up of leaves and other debris.

It’s important to realize that gutters are not an optional addition to your home – they’re an essential part of a good drainage system. Without them, water damage can occur and result in huge repair costs! Keep the dirt out with gutter cleaning and get the most from your investment every time you clean them out.

Fall gutter cleaning tips

Grab an extension pole and brush attachment for hard-to-reach areas

Gutters serve two purposes: they direct water away from the foundation of your house, and they catch debris before it has a chance to clog up your downspouts. You want both parts of gutters working in top condition, which means you need to clean your gutters five or six times each year.

Some parts of your gutters are easy to clean from the ground, while others are a bit more difficult and require you to climb onto your roof — just like climbing a ladder for window washing. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned the gutters on your house (or if they’re overly caked with leaves and debris), it might be too tough to do from the ground. That’s when an extension pole for your telescoping brush attachment is a good idea, letting you clean those out-of-reach areas without leaving the ground.

If you’re trying to avoid a gutter cleaning cost, grab your ladder and brush, along with a garden hose. Before you get started, use the hose to spray down the gutters in order to loosen anything that might not be easily removed by hand — an inefficient method but better than nothing if you’re on your own without any tools to help. If you do have the tools, attach a gutter scoop to your extension pole and a sturdy brush head for the telescoping handle on your hose-end sprayer, for double the cleaning power.

Fall gutter cleaning tips

Clean from top-down

Using a ladder to reach the gutters makes sense since you need to start at the top of your roof and work your way down. That means you might as well clean them all out while standing on that ladder. But be sure to use an extension pole when you get to the upper areas of your gutters; otherwise, it’s a lot easier to just step up onto your roof and clean from the top down.

Cleaning your gutters at least once a year, and more often if they’re especially dirty, is a good idea for keeping water flowing away from your house. If you have left in your gutters for several weeks, without rinsing them out weekly with a hose, those leaves are going to decorate and clog your gutters. And if they’re caked with dirt, you’ll be able to see how much gunk is collecting near the tops of those gutters when you get up there to clean them out — so don’t wait!


    Things to look out for when hiring someone else to do it

    Whether you clean out your gutters yourself with the help of tools or hire somebody to do it for you, there are few things you should remember when hiring such a service.

    First of all, ask around among friends and family members to make sure the person is reputable and has a track record of satisfied customers. Make sure they’re not using any unsafe products and that they leave your property just as clean — or cleaner — than when they arrived.

    Also, compare several different gutter cleaning service prices and make sure you’re not paying too much for your clean-out. If the price varies a lot between different companies, or if it’s kind of vague on the website where you found them, that could be a sign that they’re trying to hide something — like a higher price than advertised.

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