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My name is Demetri and I am the CEO and Founder of Leafshield Gutter Guards. I wanted to thank you for Visiting our Page and allowing us the opportunity to Serve you and grow with you.

If you are 17+ we are Hiring Motivated individuals that want to learn and grow with our Company.

Here at Leafshield we only hire people that have INTEGRITY – STRONG WORK ETHIC- FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

If you are tired of your normal 9-5 job and want something a LOT more exciting, fun, and with the ability to make your own paycheck this may be the opportunity for you. We will train you and give you all the tools you need to become successful here at Leafshield Gutter Guards. We provide office training as well as field training and teach you to push yourself each day to be a better you.

WHAT WE SELL – We help homeowners with their ROOFING or GUTTER NEEDS and like to help customers with  New Roof install or helping folks stay off their Ladders by not having to clean their gutters again by offering customers Premier Gutter guards to keep out all debris and leaves as well as pine needles.

It’s all about TEAMWORK here at Leafshield Gutter Guards. We want to see you Grow and be a better you while making more money than your average career or job

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Here is what you need to apply for an interview here at Leafshield gutter guards. If you meet these requirements below please reach out to our team at 360-977-1349.

* Positive Personality – PEOPLE PERSON

* Money Motivated Money Motivated

* Has a car or bring a friend that does and work together Work Together

* Must be teachable and follow directions well

* Bring a friend that can work with you so you can both make money – (BONUS FOR EACH FRIEND THAT STAYS TO WORK WITH YOU)

If you meet those simple requirements please reach out to our office to schedule a interview ASAP

NEW HIRE LINE – 360-977-1349

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