The Best Beaverton Gutter Guards (Seriously)

Are you tired of going through the routine of cleaning your gutters? Are you at the point where cleaning your own gutters is too risky? You know that your gutters need to be cleaned to keep your home or place of business safe from damage due to the elements. It doesn’t matter why you are considering a gutter guard system – it does matter that you make a smart choice among all the options out there in the gutter guard market.

Leaf guards are an investment. What makes Leafshield Gutter Guards the best Beaverton gutter guards you can buy? There are two essential reasons:

  1. We have a better product
  2. We have a proven track record of customer service you can trust

You might be used to companies saying that they’re the best – we don’t use that term lightly. We have worked hard to be the best in terms of our products and services, and continue to work hard to deserve the trust of all our Beaverton gutter services customers. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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What Goes into Our Gutter Guards

Leafshield Gutter Guards makes, owns, and installs our product. We are unlike other leaf guards on the market in the detailed thoughtfulness of the design. Leafshield Gutter Guards…

  • Are constructed with 100% stainless steel and aluminum (not plastic which degrades over time)
  • Are custom made for each installation (not a one-size fits all solution)
  • Align with the pitch of your roof (rather than lying flat) so they never collect debris
  • Come with local customer support you can trust to be there for you

Our gutter guard system keeps out all debris including pine needles, shingle grits, leaves, and sticks. Leafshield Gutter Guards prevent even sand passing through, keeping any debris out of your gutters. This helps your gutters last longer and saves you money in the long run on both replacements and cleaning! We are so confident in our product that we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

The Gutter Guard Installation Process

If your gutters are in serviceable condition, upon measuring for features like linear feet, angles, and the pitch of your roof, we manufacture each of our gutter guard solutions specifically for your home to fit on your existing gutter system. However, many of our customers either prefer to get or are in the position of requiring the installation of entirely new gutters. The need for new gutters can only be determined on examination of your existing gutter system.

Installation of the Leafshield Gutter Guard system is straightforward and completed in the vast majority of cases in the space of hours or a day. The gutter guards will be of the finish you have selected and will align with the pitch of your roof so that debris does not collect on any flat spots. If there are any problems, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be out to make any adjustments to your new gutter guard installation as quickly as possible.

What People Are Saying About Leafshield Gutter Guards

[Leafshield Gutter Guards] recently installed new gutters on our home and help us fix our clogged gutter issues we’ve been having we absolutely love the gutter guards on our gutters it keeps everything maintenance free so I don’t have to climb the ladder or roof or worry about cleaning my gutters anymore. – Brian

So far pleased with the covers. They did a great job of cleaning the roof and gutters without trashing our yard, woohoo! After several quotes from different manufacturers, I felt they had the best product for the price quoted. Very pleased with their work and the results. – Bob

Professional team arrived on time each day and explained in detail how the installation project was to be completed. … The new gutters look great! I would highly recommend Leafshield Gutter Guards. Thank you for a job well done! – Gloria

I had Demetri and his team install Leafshield gutter guards on my home in February. Pine needles and roof gravel are no longer clogging the gutters. Demetri promptly followed up three months later when there were a couple locations that needed some additional attention due to the roof design. – Marilyn

After looking at several competitors’ products we decided Leafshield Gutter Guards was the best fit for us. We are pleased with our selection. The courteous and professional support from sales to installation is second to none.  Their follow up after installation has been great. We recommend them to everyone who asks about gutter guards. – Don & Jo Ann

Our Beaverton, Oregon Gutter Guard Q&A

Here are some of the more common questions we get about our Beaverton gutter guards.

Will I need to clean my gutters with Leafshield Gutter Guards installed?

There should be no need to clean your gutters as long as Leafshield Gutter Guards are installed. If you do have any problems, we will be happy to adjust and perform any cleaning that is needed – our Beaverton gutter services team stands behind our each of our installations.

How much do Leafshield Gutter Guards cost?

Because Leafshield Gutter Guards are custom-built for each application and there are a variety of finishes available, the only way to provide a reliable answer would be to schedule a free estimate. Talk with our Beaverton gutter services team today.

Will Leafshield Gutter Guards match my current roof and gutters?

You can choose your gutter guard to match your current structure – there are a wide variety of options available.

Will I need to get new gutters installed in order to use Leafshield Gutter Guards?

No. If your gutters are serviceable, you can choose to install Leafshield Gutter Guards with your existing gutters. That said, there are good reasons why many customers choose to install new gutters at the same time as their gutter guard solution.

What is the purpose of the raised design of Leafshield Gutter Guards?

The design slows down water as it pours over the gutter guard, channeling it to the downspout. This reduces overflow issues and improves the efficacy of our gutter guard system.

Do your gutter guards come with a warranty?

Yes, we have a Lifetime warranty on Leafshield Gutter Guards. If you ever have a problem, reach out to us.

Do you offer free estimates?

Absolutely. Just get in touch and we’ll schedule a time to check out your project.

Leafshield Gutter Guard Provides Superior Beaverton Gutter Guards