Leafshield Gutter Guard is HIRING!

Door-To-Door Sales Team

Leafshield D2D University 

My name is Demetri Suliman, CEO and President of Leafshield Gutter Guards. 
If you are motivated, driven, Goal Oriented with a positive attitude and mindset, and are looking for an opportunity like no other, please consider giving us a shot. I have done Door to Door canvassing for the past 15 + years training new agents and managers with no experience in sales and showing and teaching them how to make EXCELLENT money going Door to Door and setting up appointments for our local Roofing & Gutter company. We require the basics from you and will show and teach you how to set appointments and make money going door to door. Here are some of our simple qualifications below:
  • You must be 16+ years old 
  • Valid  driver’s license and a way to get to work and back 
  • Positive and teachable 
  • Quick learner and a people person
  • Must like the outdoors and be willing to work on your feet 
We are very selective on who we choose to work with and bring on due to the availability of our trainers. Each person we bring in for this position is hand Chosen after multiple interviews. If we feel you have the drive and personality for this position, you are brought on and will undergo a 90-day training with our management team and owner to walk you and show you how our system works. After 90 days of training and in-field experience, our agents are expected to make $70k + per year for 1st-year Agents, and after 12 months, you are held accountable and are expected to earn $100k+ per year. 
We only select and hand pick specific individuals for this program to mentor and teach them how to be in the 5% of income earner in the USA; this program is not for everyone, but the ones that want it and are picked will be among the TOP earners in their industry, and the only thing we require from you is your blood sweat tears and hard work and Hustle. 
If you want something more in life and want a career above the rest, and you consider yourself a go-getter and people person, please call the NEW HIRE hotline below and follow directions after your call.
We look forward to seeing you at our university. 
( NEW HIRE ) 360-619-5311