Anyone who has ever owned their own home knows just how easy it can be to neglect the smallest of tasks. However, there are certain activities that must be performed in order to keep your house in good condition and gutter cleaning is one of them. Not sure how to go about it properly? Here are 5 gutter cleaning tips that make home-owning easy.


5 gutter cleaning tips that make home-owning easy

Clean gutters regularly to avoid clogs and water damage

The first gutter cleaning tip is to clean gutters regularly. Over time, debris such as leaves and sticks will accumulate in your gutters, especially if you live among trees. This can result in clogged gutters that are unable to carry water away from the house. When this happens, the rainwater overflows into the gutters rather than going through them. If you have no choice but to clean your gutters while they are full of water, be sure not to stand on the edges of the gutter or walk on them. Doing so will damage them and create problems that will need fixing in the future.

When winter is on its way out, it’s easy to forget about cleaning the exterior of your house. However, you should clean your gutters and downspouts before winter arrives because snow and ice can damage them in a big way. If they’re seriously damaged or if clogs have occurred, now is the time to start looking into repairing them. If you’re not sure how to go about it yourself, then you can always contact a professional for help with gutter repair.

Use a ladder with a long enough extension to reach the gutter

Another gutter cleaning tip is to use a ladder that’s long enough to reach the edge of your roof since you can’t clean gutters while standing on the ground. Even if your home has two-story windows, it doesn’t always mean that there are gutters running along this area. If you’re not sure whether or not you have gutters on the upper floors, then you’ll have to check this out before purchasing a ladder.

Using a ladder that’s either too short or flimsy will not only be dangerous but can also damage your gutters further or even cause them to fall off entirely if they’re old and damaged already. If you’re not sure which ladder to use, ask someone in your family for assistance. The best choice would be a ladder that’s tall enough to reach the edge of the roof and is sturdy enough to support your weight along with any tools you might need to use on the job.

5 gutter cleaning tips that make home-owning easy

Wear gloves when cleaning out your gutters

You’ll need to wear rubber gloves when cleaning out your gutters since using a metal gutter scoop can cause them to fall apart. When the leaves and other debris accumulate, they will eventually harden into a dry mass. Wearing gloves makes it easier for you to remove these without having to touch them with your bare hands or risk scratching yourself on the sharp edges of your gutters.

You might also want to use a leaf blower when cleaning out your gutters, just in case they’re already clogged up with debris. This will make it easier for you to remove them and avoid having to shovel them off, which can be dangerous at times. Consider using a gutter guard before the accumulation becomes too much for you to handle.

A gutter guard will help to keep your gutters free of debris and they’re certainly cheaper than having them repaired once they’ve started falling apart. These are small, mesh screens that you can attach to the edges of your roof. They cover the opening of the gutter itself, preventing leaves and other debris from getting inside. Using a gutter guard is one of the best gutter cleaning tips that you can follow for a long-lasting, hassle-free solution. You can clean them once a month and avoid having to climb ladders or do any heavy lifting.

Inspect your gutters regularly to make sure that they’re still sturdy and aren’t starting to become loose on the edges of your roof. If you notice anything unusual about them, then contact a professional for help with the gutter repair before it’s too late.

Remember to check your gutters before winter sets in and snow begins to fall since ice can be a major problem for them. If you feel like your gutters are able to handle the load, then go ahead and clean them out now so that you don’t have to deal with this issue when winter shows up.

5 gutter cleaning tips

Add a splash of bleach to the water

Cleaning out your gutters is a dirty job, so you can either do it yourself or hire someone when the time comes. If you prefer to clean them up on your own schedule, then use a water hose with some bleach added in to help prevent mildew and fungus from growing inside of them. This is an excellent gutter cleaning tip to follow since it helps you keep your gutters free of debris without risking the growth of bacteria and mold later on.

You might also want to consider using a scrub brush, especially if you have a big job ahead of you that involves removing several years’ worth of dirt and debris from your gutters. Otherwise, a hose with a water jet nozzle will also do the trick. Spraying water on them and allowing the natural force of gravity to push all of that debris out is always an option, just make sure that you have something beneath your gutter to catch everything in case they’re already clogged up or spraying water doesn’t remove the leaves stuck inside.


    Hire professionals every year, rather than doing it yourself! 

    If you would rather hire a professional to clean out your gutters, then call on those that are insured and have plenty of experience with this type of job. They should be able to provide references upon request and come prepared with the proper tools for every gutter cleaning project.

    If you’re not experienced with this type of work, then you might want to leave it to the professionals. Using a ladder to clean your gutters is dangerous if they’re tall enough and professional services are always able to provide you with a reasonable price for their excellent gutter cleaning tips. No matter how much experience you have yourself, calling an expert is always a good idea when it comes to gutter cleaning.

    Many people believe that gutter cleaners simply cannot be trusted, which is why they prefer to do the job themselves and save some money in the process. If you’re not hiring them for your home, then you might want to consider doing the work yourself in order to save some cash.

    Once you’ve cleaned your gutters out, then make sure to inspect them for holes if there are any nearby or low-hanging branches that might cause problems in the future. If you have any sections with major damage or problems, then contact a professional with experience with gutter repairs and get a quick repair solution that will last for several years. You can then follow gutter cleaning tips like those above to keep them in good shape for the long haul!

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