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Leafshield Gutter Guards is a locally owned small business specializing in Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Replacement, Gutter Repair, Leafshield Gutter Guards, and New Roof Replacement.


Gutters are an essential part of your home that help to protect it from water damage. When they’re dirty or damaged, the results can be devastating! Cleaning out gutters is often time-consuming so many people put off doing this chore until its too late because they simply don’t have enough energy left in their day for everything else going on around here – but what if there was a way you could spend less manpower while getting all needed motivation?

Gutter guards protect your home from water damage by preventing debris from settling into your gutters in the first place.

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Gutters are the perfect place for rainwater to flow away from your home. They prevent damage that could be caused by standing water, and they allow you easy access when cleaning out debris such as leaves or pine needles to avoid clogging up these vital parts of a guttered system. A gutter guard provides extra layer protection against bigger problems like tree branches falling on top; however, it’s important not only do you have one installed but also to keep them maintained.

Keeping your gutters clear avoids serious risks to your home, including:

  • Water pooling on the roof, which can cause leaks
  • Water accumulation at the foundation can undermine a home’s structural integrity.
  • Excess humidity
  • Mold growth

By preventing the accumulation of debris that can clog your gutters, you are also protecting your home from these serious kinds of damage.


Installing gutter guards is one of the most effective ways to prevent costly damage and minimize unnecessary messes that can be caused by clogged gutters. This includes preventing pests from nesting in them, which could lead to an even bigger problem down the line. It also includes preventing ice dams and rot to your gutters caused by dirt that collects over time.


Installing the wrong type of gutter guard can be very dangerous. Metal screens or heavier ones put too much weight on some systems, while reverse curve designs trap snow and ice inside which leads to an even more unstable foundation for your home’s exterior walling structure (ice dam). It’s best if you contact a professional installer who will answer all questions regarding what is right, based on variables like size/type, etc. Don’t take chances with something this crucial!



Gutters are a crucial part of protecting your home from water damage. To do so, they need proper maintenance and cleaning at least twice yearly or when debris builds up on top of them which can lead to further complications with repair work needed afterward if left untreated long enough.

Gutters without guards should be cleaned every two years while those who have gutter protection usually only require professional help once every few years provided there are no leaves clogging up the drainage system.

Gutter guards are a great solution to protect your home from water damage. You can avoid the hassle of cleaning out your gutters multiple times a year by contacting a professional about installing gutter guards on your home.

justin allen customer pic review

Rachel, the booking manager, and the techs were in total communication from start to finish. Called when they were on the way. Arrived and went straight to work. Cleaned up after they replaced my gutter. Great job!

Justin Allison

Sara Irvin customer pic review

Very professional and efficient install of new gutters and guards. I am very happy and highly recommend Demetri and his team. The entire experience was extremely easy from start to finish.

Sara Irvin

John Sullivan customer pic review

I’ve had Leafshield Gutter Guards installed at 2 new houses now. Great installation and service. Highly recommend!!

John Sullivan

Steve Parrish customer pic review

The entire experience with LGG was 5 stars! Received other quotes, but went with LGG based on their ability to quickly dial into best pricing without going through a long list of made up discounts to convince me to sign. The crew completed the installation the same week in less than a day. If you need gutters or gutter guards and you want the best price without haggling, this is the company for you!

Steve Parrish

Ron Crocker Leafshield Gutter Guard Review

Dimitri and the team installed the Leafshield system on our townhouse in a day. We have several 80′ tall pine trees behind us that drop a ton of stuff on our roof that then would end up in the gutters and cause overflows in awkward places. With the Leafshield system in place, all of that just sheds off the tops of the system and lets the water go nicely through the gutters.

Ron Crocker

Julie Magee Leafshield Gutter Guard Review

Demetri and his crew were very professional and respectful. Not only is this a great product but the skill set of his crew was second to none. They even went up and beyond by installing a rain chain for me and didn’t even add an extra charge for that. We are both very happy with the whole process from start to finish!

Julie Magee


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Here at Leafshield Gutter Guards, we only offer the best gutter guards for your gutters. Our gutter guard is made from 100% stainless steel with a micro-mesh frame that custom install over the top of your existing gutters and align with your roof pitch allowing our system to not sit flat, instead, it’s installed at an angle, so it allows no debris to go through allowing a no-clog guarantee!

  • We’re fully protected with the correct equipment

  • We have all of the regulatory safety certificates


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Daniel Ellis

“Outstanding Work”

5 / 5

Leafshield came out after we had 3 bids and we decided to work with Leafshield Gutter Guards because simply put the other 3 companies were very sales driven and high pressure. I had to throw one of them out of my house when the guy started yelling at me after I said I could not afford it!

Leafshield pointed out problems I didn’t know I had and their price was over 40% lower than the others.

Choose Leafshield Gutter Guards, you will be happy.

Daniel Ellis